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Placida artist & art gallery
A very unique & colorful art gallery experience
in the heart of  Placida Florida
Unique Art gallery in Placida Florida

Unique Artwork by Placida Florida Artist Jon Hatch
sculpture & driftwood sculpture








One of a kind 
driftwood sculpture
nautical signs
Rustic & creative 
original art & designs
Unique one of a kind artwork
Key west style 3-D artwork
Painted sea chests & footlockers
Original driftwood art
Island Art
Unique driftwood creations

Visit Placida Artist Jon Hatch in his art gallery in Placida Florida

J. Hatch Original Art
J Hatch Original Artwork

Unique Art gallery in Placida Florida

3D Metal Art
  1/8 inch steel   -   3' - 6'  long



Artistries & Collectibles & Gifts

Meet Tropical Artist Jon Hatch in his gallery

 Artistries & Collectibles & Gifts

 Meet Tropical Artist Jon Hatch in his gallery

Moved to his NEW LOCATION

                                                         The Hatch Gallery
                                                         4375 Pamber Ave.
                                                    Port Charlotte, FL 33953

  (941) 764-8838

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Jon Hatch
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J. Hatch Original Artwork

Hatch Gallery is now featured in the December 2008 Expressions Magazine -  WGCU Public Media with an article named "Nature's Cast-offs" by feature writer Kathy Y Futch.  Hatch Gallery is noted 
for it's Key West style furniture, painted sea chests and footlockers... 
as well as his one of a kind driftwood art which now labels him a true "Recycle Artist". Placida artist Jon Hatch is becoming more well known each year.  Last year he had one of his unique one-of-a-kind artworks auctioned off at the Smithsonian Institute.

Located in Charlotte County, the Hatch Gallery is on the mainland in Placida, NE of Gasparilla Island, overlooking Gasparilla Sound. Now this building, once used by clam farmers, is an attractive art gallery containing whimsical wildlife driftwood art, wood carvings, antiques, and collectibles. Obtained by Jon Hatch in 2003, it was turned into the perfect setting to display his custom art, one of Placida's favorite gift shops, serving Englewood and Rotonda as well.

If you have not visited Hatch Gallery, you haven't seen the crafts that will both fascinate and inspire you. The entire gallery is filled from the ceiling to the floor with art from the entire Hatch family. Upon first entering the gallery, you will see a six foot alligator and what follows, consists of a collection of antiques, art, Key West art and furniture, collectible art, driftwood art, painted sea chests, wood boxes, and many other items that would create the perfect Florida gifts for any occasion or holiday. 

John Hatch, the father, produces amazing wood carvings of birds and human characters, as well as colorful furniture that will add a vibrant touch to any room of your home. Jon's sister, Katrina, her virtuosity consists of framed ceramic pieces and colorful ceramic flowers. Chris Hatch, Jon's brother, creates stunning acrylic paintings representing some of the most beautiful scenery and Florida wildlife. Other original pieces include pottery, amazing metal art, such as weather vanes, large hanging fish, nautical art, and unique signage.

It will be Jon Hatch's original art that will keep you captivated for hours with his ability to turn a simple piece of driftwood into a masterpiece depicting nature as beautiful, whimsical, and entertaining. Among his creations have been squids, pelicans, flamingos, eagles, and tarpon. The Hatch family's theme consists of creating a charming and fun piece of nautical art that will become a conversation piece in any home. Whether the piece you fall in love with is Tarpon art or a subtropical bird, there is something in Hatch Gallery. for everyone. 

Jon Hatch is considered an eco-artist, cleaning up our environment and recycling the items most people would not consider useful for anything. On a daily basis, Jon sifts through his pile of driftwood, old railroad trestles, and sometimes old wooden fences, envisions what they will be in the future and creates his art masterpieces. Whether you are into dolphins, palm trees, mermaids, or tarpon, it has been and will continue to be created out of what will just look like a piece of wood to you and me.

Whether you are located in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Boca Grande, Englewood, Rotonda, Venice, Sarasota or further, Hatch Gallery has the perfect gift for every occasion. Stop by or contact Jon today, 

(941) 764-8838

One of a kind originals - Colorful  Wood  with Imagination - Driftwood Creations

Rustic colorful signs - Key West style island furniture - One of a kind handcrafted designs

Driftwood Art - Nautical designs - Tarpon - Dolphin - Mermaids - Fish - Abstracts

In Placida - Just south of Englewood Florida  -  Placida Florida Artist  - Driftwood Sculpture

J Hatch Artwork